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1st National Workshop on Bushfire Prevention and Control in Nigeria organized by Senate Committee on Environment & Ecology National Assembly in collaboration with FDPSAAN.
Date: 3rd Novemberr 2008

Fire Disaster Prevention and Safety Awareness Association of Nigeria (FDPSAAN) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nigeria with grass-root spread in many communities in Nigeria.

The focus area of FDPSAAN includes “Fire Prevention, Control and Management: - This initiative is conceived to promote activities /programmes that will help to reduce and mitigate the risk of fire disasters in our local and urban settlements.

The research conducted by our NGO shows significant low level of awareness on fire safety in Nigeria, less than 2% of  the 140 million inhabitants of the country’s  population have the required basic fire safety knowledge which...more»

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FDPSAAN to participate in Global Fire Leadership Conference

FDPSAAN is one of the participants invited for the Global Fire Leadership Conference taking place in Chicago and Washington,USA from 21st -26th September 2008

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World Fire Safety Day
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To enhance awareness of fire safety, FDPSAAN considered the introduction of

Fire Safety programme in Nigeria schools as a major strategy to increase the consciousness /knowledge in the area of fire safety in the country....Read more»

wsd FDPSAAN has also conceived the idea of having a day set aside worldwide
by United Nations as WORLD FIRE
to raise global awareness on fire safety...Read more»
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